Let’s Talk About Which Channel Is Top On Periscope

17 Sep

Apparently people use social networks for something they could do anywhere and without a cell phone, computer or any other device; so Let’s Talk About Which Channel Is Top On Periscope: TALK.

On a normal Sunday, surfing in Periscope, I was trying to decide which channel choose for entertainment and I realized that the highest channel streaming was #TALK and #COMEDY was the lowest channel streaming.

Let's Talk About Which Channel Is Top On Periscope

Themes are many and diverse such as chatting with friends, gaming, family, astrology, music, shopping, fashion, Emmys, etc.

So if you are about to make transmissions in periscope and not just be as an observer; the hack to have more audience certainly is that you select the #TALK channel; therefore there will be more people who will be surfing there and if you have good content well…you could be a super star at Periscope!

You might think that selecting another channel with fewer streamings could be a better strategy to have more audience (I thought so!) So I went into each of the channels with fewer streamings and their audiences were between 7 and 60 users, while the #TALK channel was between 50 and 1,300 users.

On the other hand if your intention to use Periscope is to make streamings about your brand in a professional way; you should definitely select the right channel and let users gradually come to you; it is always important to leave the message clear to your audience.

What’s coming?

Finally and as you know last week was announced the launch of the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X; which means that there will also be updates in iOS and therefore in Periscope. Meanwhile, HERE is the link of the last iOS update for Periscope. And HERE is the link of the last Android update for Periscope.




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