New Periscope App Update for iOS – v1.8.3 Live streaming TV

26 Nov

What’s New in Version 1.8.3

[+] Share and follow Invitations: While broadcasting, you can now quickly send an invitation to your viewers to follow you or share your broadcast, right from the broadcaster actions.
[+] Viewer actions: We’ve made it a lot easier for you to share, follow, and more while watching a brodcast by making them accessible via an action button on the main broadcast page, without having to swipe to the viewer section.

And if you missed the announcements from the previous version, here they are:
[+] SUPERFANS : Broadcast a lot? See who your biggest fans are. Watch a lot? See whose leaderboard you’re on. You can spot a superfan by the fire icon in their chat messages.
[+] GROUPS : Share with smaller groups on Periscope. Invite your friends, family or anyone who’s a part of your community. They can add people too — the more the merrier.

Smaller changes:
– Made it easier for broadcasters to bring up controls while broadcasting.
– From time to time you’ll now see recommendations of people you may like to follow.




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