New Periscope App Update for iOS – v1.7 Live streaming TV

13 Sep

What’s New in Version 1.7

[+] WHO’S IN DA HOUSE? — When anyone you follow joins your broadcast, their profile photo hangs out at the bottom of the screen.

[+] FILTERING – Filter the global feed between “Suggested” and “Most Recent” broadcasts.

[+] SEE MORE — LIVE broadcasts at the top of the global / home feed are now bigger, better, and they play automatically!

[+] FIND MORE — See broadcast channels (what’s a broadcast channel? It’s a collection of related broadcasts) right in the global feed.

[+] IPAD — Periscope now has universal support for iPad. Gone are the days of needing to press the 2x button to scale up the iPhone app.

[+] REPLAYKIT — You can now broadcast into Periscope from any other app that supports ReplayKit

[+] STICKERS — Send Periscope hearts to your friends right from iMessage!





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