Do you know you can get blocked on a replay?

7 Jan

Do you know you can get blocked on a replay?

Yes… if a Viewer is watching a replay and don’t like or want your comments (say you are spamming or just trolling) they can block you on the replay and you can get blocked without even knowing why or how.

You can try it out (just make sure you get the username or name of that person so you can unblock it later on), just watch any replay, click on any user and then View Profile to block it. It works…

So maybe it is wiser to double think what to say for future broadcasts and/or replays so everything works smooth.

If you have some issues you can certainly drop some comments and I will try to attend as fast as possible. Also you can try official accounts like @periscopehelp via Twitter.

Enjoy 2016!

We’re going to help as much as possible!




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