New Periscope App Update for iOS – v1.3.1 Livestream TV

11 Dec

New Periscope App Update for iOS – v1.3.1 Livestream TV


Yesterday, the Periscope app (Apple’s app of the Year 2015) was updated to version 1.3.1.

According to the iTunes website:

What’s New in Version 1.3.1

In this version we’ve added a way for our content team to provide an explanation for why a broadcast has been featured. If provided, you’ll see it appear below the title of the featured broadcast in your home feed.

Aside from that, nothing else major to report! In case you missed what’s new from 1.3, here’s what changed:

[+] SKIP AHEAD IN REPLAYS: When watching a replay, press and hold to instantly jump into any part of the broadcast.

[+] MAPS 2.0: Replays (with location turned on) now appear on the map, giving you a 24 hours perspective of any specific geographic location. Zoom further into an area to reveal more broadcasts.

Other changes:

[+] New “Trending” section in the People Tab highlights an evolving list of recently popular broadcasters.

[+] Application Shortcuts for people with an iPhone 6s or 6s+. Use 3D Touch on the Periscope icon to start a broadcast, search for broadcasters, or teleport somewhere in the world.

[+] Thumbnails for live broadcast update periodically to more accurately reflect what is currently happening.

[+] Fixed a bug that would occasionally upload the wrong picture when sharing a screenshot capture on Twitter.

periscope version 1.3.1 update

Enjoy the new version and feel free to leave your comments in order to help you.






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