Why are my comments not being seen?

2 Dec

I know this information is in the Offical Help Center, but hey, I have received this question so many times that it deserves its own post.

So here we go:

Why are my comments not being seen?

There are a few reasons others may not be able to see your comments:

  • You have been blocked by the broadcaster or by other viewers. For more info, go here.


  • There is an issue with the app. If you find you’re not able to comment on anyone’s broadcast, there might be a bug. Please contact us to report the problem.


  • Commenting abilities have been limited. Fostering open dialogue and encouraging freedom of expression are fundamental to Periscope. These principles can be undone by excessive spamming, trolling and harassment. Philosophically, we want collective action to impact the greater health of the community. To that end, we implemented a system that has drastically reduced abusive comments. This change relies on individual behavior and community feedback to identify abusive accounts, whose comments are then automatically limited to those in their networks. The system may automatically renew commenting abilities. We will continue to internally monitor and review the performance of this system to fairly balance commenting abilities with subsequent interactions with the community.

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