How To Trend in Periscope – (Trending List)

19 Nov

How To Trend in Periscope.


Today I want to share the 4 metrics the Periscope app Trending section use in order to list people there:

1.- Watching Time. This metric uses how many people watch your scopes every 24 hrs. Also not how many but how much time they watch them.

2.- Recents scopes. This metric use all the recent scopes you have done in the last 24 hours. A great tip here is to scope everyday to get a spot in the Trending list the next day.

3.- Dynamic. This Trending section is being refreshed every 24 hours. So if you get listed today, probably tomorrow you won’t. It depends basically on your activity and your followers activity based on your broadcasts and replays.

4.- Preferred language. You will see broadcasts from people that also set the same preferred language. So a good tip here if you want to trend is to set ALL languages. This way you would have more change to get listed.

The Hearts will still be there and those are still important. Keep in mind that. They haven’t disappeared and won’t disappear.

How To Trend in Periscope

How To Trend in Periscope

I really hope you enjoy these tips.

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