New Periscope app version for Android – v1.3

7 Nov

New Periscope app version for Android – v1.3


Finally this version came across for all devices. Please take in mind that if you look for it in your browser, it will show you, but… if you look for it through your Play Store icon, you will find version 1.3.

Some of the features include:

  • SKIP AHEAD IN REPLAYS: When watching a replay, press and hold to instantly jump into any part of the replay.
  • MAPS 2.0: See more broadcasts than ever on the map, including replays.
  • ZOOMING: Pinch to zoom while broadcasting! Finally!
  • “Trending” users highlights an evolving list of recently popular broadcasters

android periscope app v1.3 on

Android users: ENJOY! =)





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