30 Tips on Periscope to get followers and hearts

8 Oct

Tips for Periscope

Today I’m going to share some of the best tips for Periscope so you can get more followers, more hearts and more success:

30 Tips on Periscope to get followers and hearts

30 Tips on Periscope to get followers and hearts

1.- Poll Your Followers At The End Of Each Scope (quickly and concise)

2.- End Your Broadcast Enthusiastically To Leave A Good Impression (try to be nice, gentle and energetic)

3.- Keep Your Phone Stable To Make Your Broadcast Professional (I’m going to do a full post about accesories for iPhone for Broadcasters).

4.- Ask For The Taps To Make Your Hearts Go Crazy (tap tap tap!)

5.- Pause When Flipping From The Front To The Back Camera (since there’s a delay of doing this).

6.- Keep Your Head On The Right Side In Landscape Mode To Leave Room For Comments (Right right right)

7.- Work On Multi-Tasking Skills To Successfully Broadcast And Interact (just practice practice practice)

8.- Ask For The Swipes To Increase Periscope Shares (Swipe to the right for iOS and UP for Android)

9.- Never Turn Your Back And Keep Your Eyes Focused On The Camera (or the front at least)

10.- Move Around And Showcase Your Surroundings (keep on moving!)

11.- Ask Questions That Have One Word Answers (fast and easy)

12.- Recap Your Key Points Every Five Minutes (or at the end if possible)

13.- Have Conversations During Your Broadcast To Better Connect With Viewers (expose their questions/comments)

14.- Welcome Your Viewers And Mention Their Names (as much as possible)

15.- Be Energetic To Get Your Followers Pumped Up (proven technique)

16.- Optimize Your Thumbnail To Draw More Attention To Your Stream (remember the 1st thing you camera focus after your press the “Start broadcast” red button is the Thumbnail)

17.- Make Sure Your Phone Is Fully Charged!!! (or have a spare battery handy)

18.- Use WiFi To Avoid Incurring Data Charges (since the app consume A LOT of data)

19.- Have A Plan Of Action For Disruptive And Rude People (for trolls!!!)

20.- Avoid Any Distractions To Have A Successful Broadcast (less distractions, more attraction)

21.- Adding Emojis In Your Title Will Help You To Stand Out (remember, 2 or 3, not more)

22.- Create Periscopes About How To Master Periscope (with experience you will conquer). Today’s “Most Loved” periscopers were nobody in Periscope 6 months ago.

23.- Choose Topics You Are Passionate About To Inspire Others (or knowledgeable about)

24.- Engage Users With Creative Titles To Gain More Viewers (the shorter, the better)

25.- Promote Your Periscope Sessions To Your Email List (and use # tags)

26.- Announce Your Broadcast To Inform People You Are Going Live (on ALL Social Networks possible if feasible)

27.- Practice Running Through Your Scope To Find Any Flaws (to have the topics written, helps a lot)

28.- Plan Your Talking Points So Your Broadcast Runs Smoothly (again, written on paper)

29.- Watch Other Successful Scopes To Learn From The Pros (if not pros, at least more experienced than you)

30.- BE YOURSELF! (shiny shiny)






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