Top Tips for your Periscope Broadcasts (Do’s and Don’ts)

6 Oct

Top Tips for your Periscope Broadcasts


Today I would like to share some Top Tips you should use on EVERY Periscope Broadcast:

Top Tips for your Periscope Broadcasts

Top Tips for your Periscope Broadcasts

1.- DO Short title: Try to maintain your title less than 100 characters so it can be listed by Periscope.

2.- DO Use 2 or 3 emojis: Don’t put all the emojis you want in your title, just 2 or 3. Since Periscope discard those with lots of emojis.

3.- DON’T Follow / Share mistake: Don’t start your broadcast with a Follow me! Share this broadcast! etc. Start it with your own content, talk about yourself or your idea and then, in the middle or just after a few minutes, say “If you like this broadcast, please Share it with your friends…” etc. also… you can say to follow you after you have introduced yourself to your audience. This is the correct time.

4.- DO Use 1 hashtag: If you use ONLY ONE hashtag in your title, you have more chances to get listed in the Broadcast list by Periscope.

5.- DO Use Trending Topics: If your broadcast is related with a Trending Topic Hashtag, USE IT! ONLY if its related with your topic. If its not related with the title and content of your broadcast, DON’T USE IT.

6.- DO Use Colaboration: If you have a friend or colleague willing to help you talk about your topic, do it. In my personal experience this works very good. Having 2 (or more) instead of 1 broadcaster hooks the audience a lot better.

7.- DO Ask your audience to Share (politely): Gently tell your audience to Share your broadcast only if they liked the topic you were talking about. Call them to action. Share on Twitter, Share on Facebook. Share on Google Plus. Etc.

Source: Alex Pettit Broadcast and my own experience as well.






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