Learn How To Master #Periscope (Course)

6 Oct

Learn How To Master #Periscope (Course)


I was asked to promote the following course about Periscope.

We all know the passion we have for this great app so I wanted to share it as well with all the great community.

Learn How To Master #Periscope (Course)

Learn How To Master #Periscope

Some of the content you will find on that course:

How To Install Periscope

Fast and easy set up explanation about how to install the world’s fastest growing app today.

 Tour Of All The Important Features

We talk you by the hand and explain to you all the important features in this app and how to best utilize it to your advantage.

 Setting Up Your Profile For Maximum Branding

It’s not only about setting up a profile for yourself but it’s about branding so that you can build trust and grow your business in the long term. We give you tips about how to best achieve it.

Configuring Your Broadcast Settings

Here are some awesome tricks to get your broadcast done right. With the right settings and also how to make the best out of it.

Using The Perfect Title For Your Scope 

Optimize your Scope title for maximum exposure and experience. Using our insider tips, you can stand out of the crowd easily.

The 9 Different Types Of Broadcasts 

There are 9 different ways to broadcast and we will walk you through each one of them so that you can know when and what to use in different situations.

Picking The Perfect Time To Broadcast

What is the best time to broadcast? Not doing this simple thing right might cost you money and also not being able to get the maximum exposure for your broadcasting.

How To Properly Interact With Your Viewers

Viewer Interaction is a must when you use live broadcasting and in this video we tell you all about it.

Save & Publish Your Scopes Online

Click and few buttons and you’re done and never have to worry again about how to retrieve your broadcasts. Fast and easy-to-understand.

Using Trending Hashtags To Expand Your Audience

Build a massive audience using Hashtags. This is probably the fastest and simplest way to do get exposure. Use our simple tricks to get results!

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