Another Way To Save Your Videos From Periscope

5 Oct


Another way to Save Your Videos from Periscope…

…Probably most of you know this tool but I just wanted to share it so you can have it handy in this blog.

The name of the tool is:

Another way to Save Your Videos from Periscope at

As they announce in their site:

  • Katch is Automatic
    Use Meerkat or Periscope as normal. Katch works in the background and saves your replays to the cloud.
  • Katch is Fast
    Your replays will be ready to watch or download within seconds after you finish streaming.
  • Katch is Powerful
    You are in control! Set privacy, change titles, share & embed your replays.

Many periscopers out there have been using this services since its “very easy” to use and they can share the links with their audience/viewers/fans etc.

Might be you can give it a shot and try it. On the website they include all the instructions needed in order to setup the #katch tag.

About Katch (extracted as it from its website):

“Katch is the world’s first video platform in a hashtag. We give everyone the ability to record, archive and publish their livestreams with one tweet. Katch started as a hack to save Meerkats and it grew like a weed. When we added Periscope it grew even bigger. Now livestreamers around the world use #katch to timeshift great content and grow their audience. is where your katches live – a fast, simple home to manage and share your videos. Katch was created by a team of hackers and dreamers who hitchhike at the intersection of mobile, video, and data.”






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