Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Periscope Account

3 Sep


Today I’m going to share a few tips to improve your account:

1.- Profile Image: VEEERY IMPORTANT! This is the VEEERY FIRST impression you give to your viewers and potential followers.

2.- Profile Description: Very Important as well… if you image conquered then viewers will read your description, if that is all right, then you might have a potential follower there (REAL FOLLOWER).

3.- Broadcast Title: Once you decide to Broadcast LIVE, you have to be very careful/imaginative/creative/innovator in order to choose a good title. TRY TRY TRY, TEST TEST TEST. Only that way you will know what attracts people/viewers.

4.- Learn from others first: If you have nooo idea on what to broadcast, say, explain, watch others first, then you would come with a great idea. You will do excellent!

5.- Emojis: Yes… the all-in-one emojis… they’re pretty important because an image says more than 1000 words right? So choose them carefully/wisely or simply passionate about them and you will do great !

6.- Location (be discoverable): If you want others to know where you are, before tapping on the Start Broadcast red button, make sure to Enable Location by tapping on the Arrow button just above the red one mentioned. If you have a business and want people to know where is located, this is a great feature to make your business alive.

7.- Get to the point: Some viewers love hearing their broadcasters but some others don’t. Discover your audience and if they are the ones that ask for more concise tips and/or topics. Go on. At the end they will be your followers. Real followers.

8.- Do business: Some broadcasters are doing business instead of just showing their places, faces, cars, etc. Give it a shot. You never know where you can excel ;).

9.- Broadcast Picture: YES, no one talks about this on the net, but hey, IS REALLY IMPORTANT. BEFORE you tap the Start Broadcast red button, make sure to point at an image or something related with your broadcast (something that attracts attention) since this will be the “Screenshot” of your broadcast and all the Viewers will see that, before they join your Broadcast.

10.- 24 hour Replays limit: Periscope limits the time a Broadcast (Replay) will stay online for your viewers. Once its uploaded it will be there for just 24 hours. Then, gone. use it wisely.

I will share more tips like these ones. If you like it, please Share. Just a matter of 2 clicks. Thank you.




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