True (Real) Hearts VS “Not true” (“Fake”) Hearts

5 Aug


Today I’ve been asked to answer the following question: What is the difference between Real and “Not Real” hearts?

Well, the answer is simple and tricky.

Real Hearts are the hearts shown at your Profile. Those are real and true.

“Not Real” hearts are the ones that your followers give you in your Broadcast but doesn’t count to your Real hearts count.

You can do the following experiment to understand it better:

1.- Take the Profile Hearts Count and write it down.

2.- Join a Broadcast and start tapping let say 600 hearts.

3.- Do the math, hearts from step 1 + 600 (or whatever hearts you gave in step 2, more than 500 please).

4.- You will see that the sum does not match because of the 500 Real Hearts Limit (yes, there’s a limit).


Profile Hearts Count: 200

Tap tap tap in a Broadcast: 600

What Periscope should put in the profile: 800

What you will really see in the Profile Hearts Count: 700






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