Tips for your 1st Broadcast in Periscope

20 Jun

Well… the time has arrived and now you are ready to show something or somehow to the whole World. That’s cool!

So here are some useful tips you can apply for your very first broadcast:

  1. Describe your situation or place or View or whatever your are Broadcasting. You don’t have to show your face to your viewers the 1st time. When you feel confident enough you can show your face or faces if needed/requested/allowed. There are people these days that never had showed their face in their broadcasts and are already famous. 

  2. What to show in Periscope? Something you’re passionate or have knowledge about. You can give cooking classes or simply show to the world how things are done in your country. Last night I learnt in Australia people drive on the left side of the highway. In some other countries people drive on the right side. So that’s cool to learn about. You can know and meet the world this way as well. There was another awesome aussie (Australian) guy doing his grocery shopping list and asking their viewers which brand to buy so there was this interaction between someone in the other side of the world and the real people watching him and giving him advice.

  3. If the are some issues regarding no-sound or problems with the network connection, just follow the person that is broadcasting (swipe right and click on the Plus sign) and exit and re-join the broadcast. Sometimes this fixes the thing. For your 1st Broadcast, close it (by Swiping down the screen) and open a new one.

  4. Practice, practice, practice your broadcast before going live. “Practice make the master” right? So there is an opportunity for you to practice before you go live, just as the people in the news do before well, give the news. You can make your broadcast private and practice in real-time on Periscope.

  5. Ignore the viewers COUNT to begin. For some people this helps in the beginning. I know there is this special emotion that makes you happy when you see more and more people joining your broadcast but… if you connect your attention into that, you will loose the passion about your broadcast and then you can loose your audience as well. Don’t worry if the viewers count start to drop. That’s Periscope about, join and leave. Only and just only if you’re already famous or your broadcast is really interesting to the people (or if you’re a women showing your body) you will maintain the viewers “alive”.

  6. Use a title that attracts your viewers/audience/community into you or your thing. For example is very different to use “Watching the Sunrise” than “Fabulous Sunrise in Las Vegas” or… you know, you catch what I’m saying.
  7. The first frame of the back camera is what people see in their Map or List view. When you’re going to start your broadcast be careful of what you are pointing to because once you click the Start Broadcast button, your back camera will use that image it was pointing to, to use it as the frozen image for others that are looking for broadcasts to join. So if the image is poor, you have less chances to catch your audience.

I will post more and more tips in order for you to feel confident and be a great Periscoper (broadcaster and viewer) so you can make a useful use of this new GREAT app that will revolutionize the whole World (already doing that).






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