Top 10 “Most Loved” Periscopers out there…

14 May

I think this post is a valid one since the Most Loved ones are changing a lot these days… so… today the list is like follows (descendent order):

(I’m going to round the numbers for practical purposes)

1.- Fahad – 18 million hearts

2.- Alexander Khan – 12 million hearts

3.- Amandaoleander – 11 million hearts

4.- Keaton – 8 million hearts

5.- Manny – 7 million hearts

6.- Christopher Culver – 7 million hearts

7.- Francesco Frax – 6 million hearts

8.- Bradmantv® – 6 million hearts

9.- Ceyhun Hamid Yilmaz – 6 million hearts

10.- Ahlam – 6 million hearts

There you go… the easy part is to get the hearts, as you can hack that thing… but… to be loved… that’s truly difficult and there you go… you can have your time of your live periscoping today about something interesting, natural, fun, honest, etc…





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