What I’ve seen so far… #2

13 Apr

1.- A doll or a puppet or something represting a human and its respective legacy “playing” alive… for example… an Elvis Presley figure and an Elvis background’s song.

2.- People composing songs real-time… (pretty popular) for example, you throw a word and the broadcaster starts composing the song with that word and/or words.

3.- “Famous” people answering their tweets while broadcasting on Periscope.

4.- Sunsets… looots of sunsets all around the world…

5.- Live classes… well, not classes per se but peopl taking, beginning or ending classes and showing their classroom mates and/or introducing them to the viewers.

6.- People doing weights… yes, in their home or in the gym, viewers ask to do some weights and the broadcasters attend their wishes… e.g. “do 10 push-ups or weights” and the broadcaster do excercise and get motivated by others… (good technique to do excercise!).

7.- Unboxings… yes… have you seen those smartphones unboxing videos? Well… some broadcasters do them alive… ask the prices of the smartphones or gadgets, etc…

8.- Poker… yes… people playing poker, something online, sometimes with real cards and showing how they play with others around the globe, sharing advices and tips… etc.





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