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9 Apr

I know this information may be repeated, but, hey, is important to know about it, so that’s why I’m presenting it here again with a different format (more practical):

Periscope: The Basics


What is Periscope?

Periscope is the easiest way to broadcast live video from your phone, enabling you to share what’s happening around you — with the whole world or just a few friends — as it happens.

What is a broadcast?

A Periscope broadcast is a live video stream that directly engages viewers. With chat and hearts, they are able to interact in real time.

Broadcasts are either public and available on everyone’s global feed (the default setting), or private – which requires the individual selection of each viewer.

How can I start a live broadcast?

1.- Once you have created an account, open the Broadcast Tab by tapping the Camera icon at the bottom center of the app.

2.- Enter a title that describes your broadcast

3.- You’ll have the option to manage your location settings, make your broadcast private and/or Tweet your live stream via the three icons above the ‘Start Broadcast’ button.

4.- Tap ‘Start Broadcast.’

Are all broadcasts public?

By default, broadcasts are public and visible on everyone’s global feed. See ‘“How long do broadcasts live?” for more information. However, when starting a broadcast, you have the option to make it private as well.

How do I make my broadcast private?

1.- Before tapping ‘Start Broadcast,’ tap the lock icon.
2.- Select the followers with whom you would like to share your private broadcast. Note: You can only invite people following you. For more information on public and private broadcasts, see here.

If you have your Tweet icon set to ‘on’, the title of your broadcast and a link to your private broadcast may be tweeted out, but the broadcast it will not be playable via the link.

If you do not wish for the broadcast title and link to be visible on your Twitter feed, make sure to switch your Twitter icon ‘off’ before starting your private broadcast.

We apologize for this bug, and the next update to the App will fix this.

What is Periscope’s Watch Tab?

Navigate to the Watch Tab by clicking the TV icon. At the top of the tab you will see live broadcasts of public video streams. Recently featured broadcasts will appear directly below (as marked by the yellow ‘Featured’ label), with broadcasts from people you follow below that. When you scroll to the bottom of this tab and tap on ‘View All Recent Broadcasts,’ you’ll see all broadcasts from the last 24 hours, with the most recent at the top. You will only be able to watch those videos that have been saved for replay. After 24 hours, broadcasts expire and will no longer appear in the Watch Tab.

How do I find people on Periscope?

1.- Tap the People Tab to find a list of suggested users to follow. Note: The People Tab helps you find interesting people to follow by listing ‘Featured People,’ people you are ‘Following on Twitter’ and ‘Most Loved’ people (users who have received the most hearts).
2.- You can search for specific people by:
Tapping the People Tab.
Tapping the magnifying glass icon on the top left.
Entering their name(s) in the search bar.

How do I follow someone on Periscope?

Easy! Tap the ’+’ icon.

What does it mean to follow someone on Periscope?

If you follow someone:

1.- You will be invited to join their public broadcasts via push notifications, if your push notifications are enabled.
2.- Their broadcasts will appear in your Watch Tab for 24 hours.
3.- They can invite you to watch other peoples’ public broadcasts.
4.- Anyone you follow can invite you to their private broadcasts.

When will I receive a push notification?

You will receive a push when:

1.- Someone starts following you: “Captain Ahab (@CptAhab) started following you.”
2.- Someone you follow starts a public broadcast: “Captain Ahab is live: View from Pequod.”
3.- Someone you follow invites you to a private broadcast: “Captain Ahab invited you to a private broadcast: We just got engaged.”
4.- Somebody you follow shares another person’s live broadcast. “@Melville wants you to watch: Captain Ahan is live: View from Pequod.”

How do I delete one of my broadcasts?

1.- Tap the Watch Tab by clicking the TV icon.
2.- Swipe left on your broadcast that you would like to delete.
3.- Tap ‘Delete’ to confirm.

How do I contact Periscope Support?

If you would like to send us your feedback about the interesting ways you’re using Periscope or share general product feedback with us please email us at You can also send feedback directly through the app by tapping Send Feedback on your profile page. (Navigate to the profile page by tapping the Profile icon in the top right corner of the People Tab).

You can report an inappropriate broadcast that violates the Periscope Community Guidelines directly through the app. When watching a broadcast, scroll to the bottom of the info panel and tap the Report icon. Tap to confirm.

If you see a user posting abusive comments in a broadcast, please take a screenshot and email We will take action if we find that the user violates the Periscope Community Guidelines.

If you believe that content on Periscope infringes your copyrights, please provide us with a valid takedown notice following the instructions found here. Note that not all unauthorized uses of copyrighted materials are infringements (see our Fair Use page for more information).

If you have a general inquiry that isn’t answered on our Help Center please email

For press inquiries, please contact us at

Broadcast Settings

Who can see my broadcasts?

Broadcasts are, by default, public. A private broadcast allows you to select specific followers to view your broadcast. Note: You can only select people who follow you for private broadcasts.

Starting a public broadcast:

Sends a push notification to your followers, indicating that you are live.
Allows anyone to join the broadcast from the Watch Tab, chat and send hearts.
Allows all viewers to share the broadcast with their followers.
If you choose to Tweet your broadcast, this allows anyone to watch the broadcast on our website. And anyone on Twitter can re-tweet the link to your broadcast.
Your broadcast will appear on your followers’ feeds in the Watch Tab (and on everyone’s global feed) for 24 hours.

Starting a private broadcast:

Sends a push notification to those you selected. You can only invite people following you.
Only the people you invited can watch, chat and send hearts.
Lets you control who sees your broadcasts. Invited viewers will not be able to share your broadcast with others.
When you privately broadcast a video, the video and a summary of broadcast information (such as your broadcast title, and when and where you broadcast) will be available to the followers you have invited for 24 hours, unless you choose to delete it. See “How do I delete a broadcast?” for more information.
If you have your Tweet icon set to ‘on’, a link to your private broadcast may be tweeted out, but it will not be playable. If you do not wish for the link to be visible on your Twitter feed, make sure to switch your Twitter icon ‘off’ before starting your private broadcast.

Location sharing

Before starting a broadcast, you have the option to toggle your location settings on or off by using the Compass icon on the Broadcast Tab. When the Compass icon is ON, your precise location will be shared with your broadcast.

Using the Twitter icon to Tweet your broadcast

Before starting a public broadcast, tap the Twitter Icon to Tweet your broadcast. Your Tweet will contain a URL to your broadcast on our website, where anyone can watch the broadcast while it is live. Replays will not be viewable on the web.

If you’re having issues tweeting your broadcast, you may need to update your Twitter credentials in your device settings. To resolve this:

1.- Go to ‘settings’ on your device
2.- Scroll down and go to ‘Twitter’
3.- Click on the account you have attached to your Periscope
4.- If the account is not there, you will need to ‘Add Account’
5.- Ensure the correct username is shown (if not, edit it)
6.- Enter your Twitter password (even if it’s already showing to ensure it’s up to date)
7.- Click ‘Done’

If you are starting a private broadcast and do not want a link to your broadcast tweeted, make sure to switch your Twitter icon ‘off’ before you begin broadcasting. If you have your Tweet icon on, a link to your private broadcast may be tweeted out, but it will not be playable.

How long are broadcasts on the app?

Public broadcasts from the last 24 hours will be listed in the Watch Tab under ‘View All Recent Broadcasts,’ with the most recent broadcast appearing at the top. After 24 hours, all broadcasts expire and will no longer appear in the Watch Tab.

If saved for replay, a viewer will be able to watch and send hearts for the 24 hours a broadcast is in the Watch Tab; if the broadcast isn’t saved for replay, the video won’t be viewable, but a summary of broadcast information will be listed (such as your broadcast title, and when and where you broadcast). To delete this broadcast information, simply swipe left on the broadcast in the Watch Tab and tap ‘Delete.’ Private broadcast information is only available to the followers invited to the broadcast.

Can I replay a broadcast after it finishes?

The default setting saves the broadcast for 24 hours in the Watch Tab. When your broadcast is finished, it will take a few seconds to upload for replay as indicated by the uploading bar. Keep the broadcast screen open until the upload is finished; if you close out of this screen too soon your broadcast may not save. Unless removed by the broadcaster, the broadcast will be replayable any time for 24 hours after the broadcast.

How do I delete my Replay?

Replays can be deleted immediately after a stream has ended by scrolling to the bottom of the broadcast information panel and tapping ‘Delete Replay.’

You can also delete a Replay and the summary of broadcast information from the Watch Tab. Simply swipe left on the broadcast in the Watch Tab and tap Delete.

How do I save my video stream to my camera roll?

After ending a broadcast, tap ‘Save to Camera Roll’ on the information panel to download the video stream to your phone. Only your video stream is saved — chats and hearts are not.

To automatically save all video streams to your camera roll:

1.- Navigate to the People Tab.
2.- Tap the Profile icon in the top right corner
3.- From your Profile page, tap Settings.
4.- Turn on ‘Autosave Broadcasts.’

How do I share a public broadcast with others?

To share someone else’s public broadcast during a live stream:

1.- Swipe right to the broadcast information panel
2.- Tap ‘Share Broadcast.’ You will have the option to share with specific people or with all of your followers. This will send a push notification, notifying your followers of the broadcast.

Managing your account


How do I sign up for a Periscope account?

Creating a Periscope account is easy:

1.- Download the Periscope app from the iTunes App store. Android coming soon!
2.- Sign in using your Twitter credentials. Your Twitter profile picture and bio will migrate over to your Periscope account, and we will build a list of suggested followers based on who you follow on Twitter.
3.- Enter your name.
4.- Choose a Periscope username (handle). This can be different from your current Twitter handle.
5.- Your bio information transfers over from Twitter; you can always edit it in your Periscope profile.

Can I sign up without Twitter?

At this time, the only way to sign in to Periscope is with a Twitter account. We’re working on other ways to log in. Stay tuned!

Choosing a username

Upon sign up, a list of usernames will be suggested based on your Twitter handle or you can create a different username of your choice. Your username must be unique and have at least two characters. If the username icon turns red upon creation, the username is unavailable.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your Periscope account, please email from the email address that corresponds to your Twitter account. Please include your Twitter and Periscope usernames.

How do I edit my Periscope profile?

To edit your Periscope bio, click the Profile icon in the top right corner on the People Tab and edit your bio inline. We currently don’t support the ability to edit your profile photo, username, or full name. We’ll be adding the ability to further update account settings within the app. Stay tuned!

How do I block users?

When you block a user on Periscope, that user will not be able to follow you or view any of your broadcasts, chats, or hearts in the app. You will also be unable to follow or see that user’s broadcasts, chats or hearts.

To block a user:

1.- Tap the user you would like to block.
2.- On their profile, tap the gear icon on the top left.
3.- Tap ‘Block User.’
You can unblock a user at any time, via your Profile.

To unblock a user:

1.- Tap ‘Blocked’ in your Profile to view the list of users you have previously blocked.
2.- Select the user you would like to unblock by clicking into their profile.
3.- Tap “Blocked” to bring up the option to “Unblock User.” Tap this option. Note: The user will not receive a notification that you have blocked/unblocked them.

Note: if you block a user while you are broadcasting, you will no longer see that user’s chats or hearts, but for the duration of the broadcast that user will be able to watch, chat and send hearts. All other viewers of the broadcast will continue to see the blocked user’s comments and hearts.

How do I hide chat during a live broadcast?

Both broadcasters and viewers can hide chat during a broadcast by swiping right, scrolling to the bottom of the information panel, and tapping ‘Hide Chat.’

When you hide chat during a live broadcast, you won’t be able to see any comments, though others will continue to send and see them. Note: all comments will be viewable in replay (you can also hide chat while watching a replay). You can unhide chat at any time.

How can I manage push notifications?

1.- You can turn off notifications for when a new user follows you by:

  • Tapping the People Tab in your information panel.
  • Tapping the Profile icon on the top right of your People Tab.
  • Tapping Settings.
  • Toggling ‘User Follows You’ to off in your Profile settings.

2.- You can unfollow people who you no longer want to see any push notifications from (there’s no shame in unfollowing noisy culprits!)





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  1. How can i download periscope streams? Autosave is enabled, but videos arent saved in my camera roll? I just see it on the app and after a couple hours its deleted.

  2. Can anyone else figure out why whenever I broadcast no one can comment unless I am following them back? I haven’t touched anything and it suddenly started doing that. Also it will tweet i am live but on the app i don’t show up live anywhere.

    • Hi, that sounds like you have to allow permissions to the broadcast in order to DO NOT LIMIT BROADCAST TO FOLLOWERS, is a button you push (tap in fact) before tapping the Start Broadcast button. Is in grey color. Let me know if that worked for you if not, we can practice, follow @periscopeblog or send an e-mail to

  3. Who are the web views? If I’m not posting broadcasts to my Twitter account where else is people watching them from? I’ve checked every possible app to see if it was posting any where else and nothing. So who are the mystery web viewers? Lol

  4. Hi.. is there some bug that blocks my chat..??? I cant see any of comments when I am broadcasting or watching and no one can tell me why… I use iP6 and now that many of Scopers have this issue… Any suggestions how to fix that..??? Without chat Periscope is quite useless…..

  5. I would really like to change my username on Periscope but since it’s not possible, I thought I’d delete the account and recreate it, but can I do that? I know a lot of sites don’t allow to create a new account with the same email/username, so I wanted to be sure I can connect the periscope account to the same Twitter account if I’ve had it before and deleted it.

  6. I have two Twitter and Periscope accounts, @CoachSeanSmith and @PinkCaddieCoach. However, each is linked to the opposite Twitter account in my phone.

    Problem: When I am on Periscope as @CoachSeanSmith and I share a scope, it posts to my @PinkCaddieCoach twitter account and vice versa.

    I think what happened what I was logged into Twitter as PinkCaddieCoach when I initially signed up for Periscope and I created my profile for CoachSeanSmith.

    Is there a way to fix this problem without losing what I’ve built up on either account?

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Coach Sean,

      To be honest I don’t know. Probably there is but nothing I’ve heard of yet. Please try to contact the official e-mail to see if they can help on this.

      Sorry I can’t help this time.

      Best regards,

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