What I’ve seen so far… #1

7 Apr

Some of the experiences I have seen so far in the Periscope app are:


1.- People Cooking recipes

2.- People going and doing Gym classes

3.- People programming online

4.- People in restaurants or bars or discos

5.- Families eating lunch or dinner

6.- People walking their dogs

7.- Women doing her makeups

8.- People sleeping in beds, resting on couches, or just sit it there, somewhere…

9.- Live shows with artists or some other type of shows like Suicide Girls

10.- News Channels doing live behind the scenes before and after the actual news time show

11.- People painting live

12.- People asking for advice

13.- People doing tours about their cities, countries, neighborhoods, etc.

14.- Magicians

15.- Apple Tech support

16.- Artists showing their show in real time

17.- FRIDGES, a LOT of Fridges (I will post another one with this topic!)

18.- Beaches around the globe, specially in the U.S.A.

19.- Matches in real-time, e.g. Open Tennis Tournaments or football soccer matches as well.

20.- There is a blind guy that you can talk with as well: Billy Brandon.

21.- Lots and lots of more people just doing random stuff here and there…


I’ll keep you post it.




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