Tips No. 1

7 Apr


Persicope is a new iOS app to broadcast video in real-time.

Some of the following tips are very useful in order to succed using Periscope App for iOS (currently not available for Android platform).

1.- Be creative and natural, the most interesting periscopes I’ve ever seen are the ones that are more natural, nothing fancy or prepared, just real human nature at its best.

2.- Periscoping while you’re driving is not interesting for anyone, unless, of course, you have something really interesting to show (a parade, a festival, musical, fireworks, etc.)

3.- Cooking recipes… yes, they work, specially if they’re interesting, attractive, not common… they will definitely engaged your audience.

4.- ENGLISH PLEASE, YES, its weird but most of the audience speaks english or knows how to interpret it, there are so many people from english-non-spoken countries (Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine, Istanbul, etc.) that they barely would attract the real audience.

5.- Tours, tours, tours… oh yeah… tours are the most interesting thing to show in Periscope (well… probably not the most interesting, but, yes, the most engaging ones). There’s a guy showing tours from Paris and after the 10th or so tour people was willing to pay him for showing the places they want to see.

7.- If you’re going to answers questions, DO IT REAL FAST!, people get tired of waiting your answer on their questions, trust me, there’s a journalist guy that answers around 90-95% of their audience’s questions and he gets around 100 people stable without logging out from his Periscope session.

8.- If you’re a girl… and have boobs or good body, yes… I hate to say it, but yes, you will have audience, definitely.

I will be writing a lot of experiences around Periscope and post more about it, some useful tips, tricks, hacks and similar.

Read you soon!




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