Periscope app bugs… (please fix!)

7 Apr

Some users have reported that Periscope has a lot of bugs lately…


Here are some of the most important and annoying to the audience:

1.- NO Comments: For some reason after some time, comments start to disappear. So you as a viewer/watcher can’t see any comments from anyone.

Also, the broadcaster, can’t see what people say/comment and of course can’t see about the hearts… (I will do another post about the hearts thing…).

So… if you want to suggest Periscope team to fix the bugs, please e-mail them at:


2.- App Crashes: In some devices, specially iPhone 4S, the app suddenly crashes. I’ve been investigating and the Periscope app uses a lot of resources (network bandwidth, iPhone cache, screen video play, etc.) so if your iPhone crashes its kind of normal until any optimization is done to the app.


3.- Some broadcasters have reported (specially the ones with many viewers) that the first or second broadcast works fine, but just after a few minutes, the comments and hearts are gone… again, if you would like to cooperate, send an e-mail to those guys, hopefully they will take in mind.


Last update to Periscope app was on (at today’s post): April 2nd, 2015.


View the Periscope app versions for further details.




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8 thoughts on “Periscope app bugs… (please fix!)

  1. What sort of optimization can be done to the app so that it works in Iphone 4s? Before the update it worked relatively well. Now I can’t get it to do ANYTHING 🙁 I really like it and have no plans to update phone any time soon.


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